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Q1. Can i withdraw my eagle now? what is the timeline for withdrawals?

No, you cannot withdraw Eagle yet in stage 1 & 2. The final stage (stage 3) of Eagle Cloud Miner's roadmap is the listing of Eagle Cloud Miner on major cryptocurrency exchanges to allow players to utilise the Eagles earned from Eagle Cloud Miner to trade and sell which is targeted in Q3 2022, depending on user growth and the community dynamics. Please refer to our project road map in the White Paper: https://Eagle.com/white-paper.html As it takes time and a collaborated effort to build the value of Eagle and the ecosystem of Eagle Cloud Miner, if you are looking to win a lottery overnight, please look elsewhere.

Q2. What is the growth potential in eagle’s value?

Eagle’s value will be backed by the population of Eagle Cloud Miner, transaction volume services or goods exchange between Eagle Cloud Miner’s, liquidity in the exchange market and time. Just like Bitcoin, its value was $0 back to its launch in 2008, but when its popularity grows and as time goes by, 1 Bitcoin is now trading at US$ 37,000 as of the time of writing. As it takes time and a collaborated effort to build the value of Eagle and the ecosystem of Eagle Cloud Miner, if you are looking to win a lottery overnight, please look elsewhere.

Q3. What does it cost to earn eagle? do i need to pay any money?

You do not have to pay any money to join Eagle Cloud Miner and earn Eagle. However, it does not mean Eagle is given for free. To make Eagle Cloud Miner’s experience fun and rewarding , we strive to build a network of genuine people, foster interaction between players in real life and encourage players to exchange , services or goods in real life with Eagle balance. Hence it takes your consistent commitment to make contributions to the community and Eagle is your reward. The least you can do is to log in on a daily basis and activate a new mining session.

Q4. Why is the mining rate reduced?

In order to ensure the stability of the price of Eagle and prevent any negative fluctuation common among cryptocurrencies, cutting supply (or known as ‘halving’ in the cryptosphere) is imperative to maintain the supply and demand chain of Eagle. By reducing the Eagle supply, Eagle Cloud Miner can maintain the scarcity of Eagle tokens to secure the value held by our Eagle Cloud Miner users - including you. Take Bitcoin for an example. Halving is a common occurrence that happens roughly every four years to the world’s biggest and most valuable cryptocurrencies, and the price of Bitcoin actually rises with each halving event that has occurred. In simpler words, cutting the supply of Eagle for each major user milestone safeguards the price of Eagle while protecting it from price inflation. According to our project roadmap, there will be a total of 4 rate halving in the entire project roadmap. The 1st rate halving (-> 0.8 Eagle / Hour) is done on 8 Dec 2020 when we have reached 100k users worldwide. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th rate halving happen when the entire Eagle population has grown to 1 million (-> 0.4 Eagle / Hour), 10 million (-> 0.2 Eagle / Hour), 100 million (-> 0.1 Eagle / Hour) and eventually there will be 0 new supply of Eagle when the user base is 1 billion worldwide. While it might feel not very comfortable when you realize the rate of earning is not as fast as the old time, it is an extremely important measure to create and grow the value of Eagle by rate halving. For details, you may refer to the section of “Why is Cutting Supply Important at Eagle Cloud Miner” in our newsletter published on 8 Dec 2020.

Q5. What is the total supply of eagle?

The Eagle Cloud Miner economic model is built upon the following principle, i) new supply of Eagle becomes 0 when the total user base has grown to 1 billion worldwide ii) earlier joiner should be rewarded better than late joiners iii) users with more contribution to the community should be rewarded better iv) contribution made by Eagle Cloud Miner ‘s core development team should be recognized and rewarded v) total supply of Eagle is dependent on number of users. The total supply of Eagle = M + R + V + C when Eagle Cloud Miner ceases Eagle supply when it hits the 1-billion-user mark. M, R and V refers to the total Eagle earned by all miners, referrers and verifiers before supply ceases. C refers to Eagle rewarded to Eagle Cloud Miner’s core development team, which is 25% of (M + R + V). Hence, the actual amount of total supply of Eagle is dependent on the total users activity before Eagle Cloud Miner hits the 1-billion-user mark.

Q6. Why is there a difference in eagle balance?

The balance on the main page of the application is an indicator of your “temporary” earning in the current session. However, the actual eligible balance will be transferred to your account after a mining session of 24 hours completed according to the formula. For example, given your base rate is 0.8 Eagle per hour, you have referred 10 new miners to join your mining team, yourself and 7 of them are actively mining today, you will earn at 0.8 (base rate) + 0.8 x 7 x 25% (referral bonus) = 2.2 Eagles per hour today. If you have signed out before a session ends, your earning of that incomplete session will be forfeited and therefore you will see the difference between the indicator and your actual earnings.

Q7. Why is the application not starting on a reload screen?

You should press the “Try Again” button.

Q8. Is eagle cloud miner a scam?

Blockchain theory is well proven. Real-life applications are seen on assets like Bitcoin, Etherum, Tether which people today are trading for goods, services and fiat money like US dollars. The backbone of the community of Eagle Cloud Miner rides on blockchain technology. You may refer to our white paper. To ensure Eagle Cloud Miner is not a scam and will not be exploited by frauds, Eagle Cloud Miner does not accept payment of any kind directly from players. Exchange of Eagle for fiat money is also prohibited until Eagle Cloud Miner’s development has entered phase III. Eagle Cloud Miner has invested significant financial resources to acquire website domain Eagle.com. We have also invested heavily in hiring blockchain scientists, IT specialists, community managers and other staff around the world to ensure we deliver a good level of service to all users. The fact that Eagle Cloud Miner has achieved a rapid growth of 800k+ users within 5 weeks of the global launch is a recognition by the public. After all, Eagle Cloud Miner is a mobile application listed on App Store and Google Play free of charge.

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